Key Personnel

President: Mark Shumbera

Mr. Shumbera is the President of AM Biotechnologies, LLC as well as AptaMed, Inc. He formerly led MEI Technologies, Inc. Commercial Development Division where he built and managed MEIT IP assets. Mr. Shumbera was responsible for establishing and assisting several start-up companies. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from The University of Houston Clear Lake.

Chief Science Officer:  David Gorenstein, PhD

Dr. Gorenstein is the Chief Science Officer for AM Biotechnologies, LLC and is also one of its founders.  He is also a member of the Board of Managers.

Director, Research and Development: Xianbin Yang, PhD

Dr. Yang is the Director of Research and Development for AM Biotechnologies. He specializes in nucleic acid chemistry and was the lead scientist in Dr. David Gorenstein’s laboratory at UTMB. Dr. Yang has unsurpassed technical knowledge of thio-modified aptamers and their applications. He received his PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry from Polish Academy of Sciences, Lodz, Poland in 1998 and has over 44 publications in the field as well as 5 patents/patents pending.

Director, Business Development: Tim McGrath

Mr. McGrath is the Director, Business Development for AM Biotechnologies. Formerly, he was CEO of Xeotron and was also the President of Sigma-Genosys.  Tim is also one of the founders of The Oligo Factory.   Mr. McGrath has a B.S. in Zoology and an M.S. in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University.

Board of Managers

Dr. David Gorenstein

Dr. Gorenstein was the Deputy Director and Distinguished Chair of the Institute for Molecular Medicine at UT Health Science Center in Houston, Texas and the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Medicine (retired). Dr. Gorenstein holds over 35 patents (awarded and pending) on the synthesis of dithiophosphate oligonucleotide analogues and thiophosphate aptamer (“thioaptamer”) combinatorial selection technologies. He is a founder of AptaMed, Inc. and AM Biotechnologies, LLC.

Dr. Bruce Luxon

Dr. Luxon was the Director of the UTMB Biomedical Informatics Program and Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (retired). With 30 years experience in structural biology and systems biology he has authored or coauthored over 140 publications and patents. Dr. Luxon is a co-founder of AptaMed, Inc. and AM Biotechnologies and has previously held senior management positions in start-up companies.

Ms. Stephanie Murphy

Ms. Murphy is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for MEI Technologies, Inc., a corporation with annual revenues of $170M. In her previous role as the Chief Administrative Officer for MEI Technologies, she managed the Shared Services function for corporate headquarters. Ms. Murphy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business from Texas A&M University.

Mr. Mark Shumbera

President is also a member of the AM Biotechnologies Board of Managers.