XA Kit – Molecular Targets

XA Kit – Molecular Targets


Key Terms and Conditions:

  • 1 to 5 targets
  • Unlimited research use
  • Keep targets confidential
  • Commercial rights for flat fee
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$ 850 Selection Kit (XASK-M or XASK-C)
Services Required (purchased later)
$ 1,900 Sequencing
$ 950 Data Analysis per Number of Targets Used in Selection
$ 1,000 Set Up Fee (waived for orders of 3 or more sets of 8 putative XAs)
$ 1,000 Set of 8 Putative XAs (Can purchase multiple sets for 1 target)
NOTE: labels available for stated price are 5ʹ 6-FAM, hexyne, thiol
C6 SS, or biotinTEG. Additional labels – Call for Quote.


Total (+ S&H)

$50 S&H US; $150 S&H International

International customers are responsible for customs duties and local taxes.


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